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Creative Cartographies
Artist: Ehsan Akbari
Medium: Online Digital Maps - 2019-2022
Description: I have been using various online mapping platforms - Arc GIS Storymaps, Google Earth, Google My Maps - to tell personal, spatial, and placed-based stories. I have found maps to be an excellent artistic and educational tool for expressing personal, subjective, social and political perspectives.
1 Google Earth; 2 Google My Maps

Creative Coding - "Keep Ren Alive!"
Artist: Ehsan Akbari
Medium: Scratch Game, 2017
Description: I am interested in coding for artisitc and educational practices. I designed a game using the educational coding platform Scratch (https://scratch.mit.edu/). My goal with this game was to give the players a sense of my struggles as a new father.
1 Game

Soundwalks, Soundmaps
Artist: Ehsan Akbari
Medium: Sound Recordings and drawing, 2013-2015
Description: In this series of audio work, I use the processes of soundwalking and developing soundmaps with mobile devices to explore space through sound.
3 Sound files

Artist: Ehsan Akbari
Medium: Digital Photographs, 2012-2013
Description: These photographs were taken with a Canon 5D and touched up in photoshop, which enables me to represent the natural world in vivid colour and detail.
8 Images

Visual Peoms
Artist: Ehsan Akbari
Medium: Video and Sound, 2012-2013
Description: These videos are the cumulation of three different creative activities: recording sound, photography, and writing poems.
3 Videos

Artist: Ehsan Akbari
Medium: Sound Art, 2011-2013
Description: This series of sound recordings are the product of deep listening and excursions I took in Montreal with audio recording equipment. The sounds I captured became the raw material for composing soundscapes from the everyday.
4 Sound files

Artist: Ehsan Akbari
Medium: Video and drawing, 2010-2011
Description: This series of videos and drawings are the result of my interest in language, representation and semiotics, as well as the philosophical ponderings of Zen Buddhism.
3 Videos

Artist: Ehsan Akbari
Medium: Watercolour, 2008-2010
Description: This series of watercolour paintings explore the inner landscapes of the mind. Universal themes such as love, sex, isolation, ecstacy and death are explored within the context of a vast and infinite cosmos.
7 Photos

The Breath of Rumi
Artist: Ehsan Akbari
Medium: Watercolour and Video, 2004- 2007
Description: These watercolours were painted during my time in Japan, where I had partitioned a significant amount of time for travel, self-reflection and thr poetry of Rumi. Rumiís words were a great companion during that period and have inspired much of this work.
7 Photos, 1 Video

Artist: Ehsan Akbari
Medium: Video and drawing, 2003-2004
Description: These videos were created from 2000-2005 during my studies of visual arts.
4 Videos

Digital Images
Artist: Ehsan Akbari
Medium: Digital Images, 2000-2003
Description: This is an an eclectic collection of doodles created on photoshop over the last decade.
12 Photos

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