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Selected Academic Publications

Akbari, E. (2022). Sensory Design Methods: Mobile Sensory Photography & Collective Online Sensory Mapping. Explorations in Sensory Design.

Akbari, E. (2022). Sense Walks and Sense Maps at Parc Angrignon. Explorations in Sensory Design.

Akbari, E. (2021). Spatial and Collective Learning through Mobile Sensory Photography and Creative Cartography (Doctoral dissertation, Concordia University).

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Akbari, E. (2019). Smartphones connect art students to sights and sounds of Montreal. The Conversation. Retrieved from

Akbari, E., Castro J. C., Lalonde, M., Moreno, L., Pariser, D. (2016). This allowed us to see what others were thinking: Curriculum for collective learning in art. Journal of Art Education, 69(5), 2022.

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Akbari, E. (2014). Soundscape compositions for art classrooms (Master's thesis, Concordia University).

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