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Creative Cartography

My Life Story
I used Google Earth presentations to create the story of life across various places in the globe. This map traces my life's journey starting in Iran, moving to Tureky, Canada. Later in travelled Japan, and moved around Toronto, Montreal, and Regina.

My New Home - Regina
I used ArcGIS Storymaps to represent my sensory impressions of my new home of Regina.

Verdun Sense Map
I designed a Sensory Walk for my old neighbourhood of Verdun in Montreal. I used Google My Maps to share some of my impressions of a place I love.

Parc Extension Walk
This map is the product of experimentation with artistic methods that use cartography. I asked a friend to design a photo walk somewhere in Montreal. I used his map to go for a walk and do some photography. I then uploaded these images on Google My Maps. I discovered many things about the Parc Ex neighourhood in Montreal that day, including a hidden mine in the middle of the city.

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