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Mathematical and scientific formulas are forms of language, which allow us to pursue abstract ideas in order to understand the universe. In the case of Mandelbrot's fractal equations, they can also create stunning images that are both dazzling to look at and give insight into the nature of reality. In this sense, the pursuit of the mathematician or scientist is quite similar to that of a poet or visual artist as both work within the confines of a language system in an attempt to find an elegant expression and insight into the world around us.

Bloom (2011) from Ehsan Akbari on Vimeo.

“Is this the moon?"
"Or a sweet cake? Or maybe it is just...”
“Not one moment of hurry. Not one wasted breath”
“It’s a rice cake.”
“Within the spinning circle of life we are born…”
“What is this”

Circles (2005-2010) from Ehsan Akbari on Vimeo.

"Old pond, frog jumps in, the sound of water!"

This famous haiku of Japanese master Matsuo Basho is represented in three different languages: Japanese, Farsi and English.
Time, sound and image are incorporated to capture the mood of the poem.

Basho (2010) from Ehsan Akbari on Vimeo.

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