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August night


I have slipped into and out of this body many a time.
Taken on many a disguise; to suit my roaming, meandering eyes.
I have been, man and woman…sometimes both at once
A spider, once was I…A dragonfly, butterfly, cockroach, beetle, ant and ant queen
I’ve taken on the roles of many Gods…worn the crown and thunderbolt.
Kings, queens, politicians, teachers, gurus, students, and beggars... was I
Rabbit, snake, monkey, cat, dog and even robot!

On idler days, I was a bird
Flapping my wings until they grew sore
And then, I just soared…!

On fierce days, I was a wolf
Roaming under the moonless shield of the woods
Pacing out of sight of the crowd
My cold heart and fiery eyes ready to prowl!

And at night, I was a tree
Straightened my spines to pull down the earth,
push up the sky
my fingers coiling stars

But a Buddha, I have never been.
A Buddha, Nah man, that trip just ain’t for me.
On that perfect body of polished gold and bronze
With that smug smirk of serenity and down cast eyes.
No dust ever gathers and the ravages of time…cleansed
No moss ever grows. No spider crawls.
And all life is wiped by the polishing clothe

Where there is no life, art not!

I’d rather be a discarded iron plow, in some prairie field
Half my body planted into the ground.
Rain will fall to drench my soul
And leave me out to dry
The wind will twist and wind around my body
And millions of indivisible celestial particles bombard my bones.
Moss will creep and lick soil onto my skin
And spiders crawl up my spine
And to protest my unsavory predicament
I will stand here at the edge of space and time
And unleash a deep howl to rattle the castle of the gods

Goes the sound…
Forever unheard, forever ignored.

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