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Bathe in honey she crawls out of the pond
A golden mane glistening with stars
Wearing black pearls in her eyes

She takes cautious steps out of the mist and into my sight
As I watch her emerge
Crystal tears weal up in my eyes
“oh my lover, where have you been all this time?”
She whispers the wind. That inaudible sound

“oh love, I’ve been waiting for so long.”
She presses her lips to my ear. Her breath warmer than the sun.

“Oh lover, I’ve chewed the skin off my bones, longing for your touch”
She strokes my tear with her fingertips
Electricity flowing into my body and sparking my heart.

“Oh love! Speak to me! Why have thee forsaken me?”

She finally responds
“Dear love, I’ve fled this world for solitude
dressed in the deepest shade of blue
living in the belly of the ocean

Oh lover, I need to find grace.
And it took me a thousand years.

But now, you’ve been touched!”

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