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The driving question?!

The driving question?! This happened to be a preoccupation of mine in those frivolous days of youth when Iíd boldly soak my feet in the river in search of fish. If a fish happened by, Iíd reach into the silky current to grab it. But fish, being bound to their elusive and slippery disposition, would always slip away. The fish, of course, was a hologram. A hologram of a reflection of a simulation which functions as poetic device. As a sort of personification, if you will, of a metaphorical symbol of allegorical semioticsÖLIFE! Man, you canít figure life out! It figures you out. Iím more content nowadays in the passenger seat. Watching trees, churches, temples, clouds, birds, people and animals appear and disappear. Rise to the surface of the glass portal that is my car window, and sink. The driving question? Man, Iím done with question and driving too. The only thing I need to control is the tunes blaring out of the radio.

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